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The basis of a beautifully healthy face is the skin that covers it.  As you will quickly learn with us, part of our mission is to help return your skin to the luminous health it had when you were a child.  Sometimes, particularly after years of sun exposure or smoking, that rejuvenation may involve laser skin resurfacing or tightening to achieve the maximum benefit for you.  Often, however, we can start you on a simple and effective skincare regimen that will be restorative without your having to do much of anything at all!

As my patients well know, I am always trying to get them out of foundation make-up except for a few areas at the center of the face.  We want you not to need to cover anything, but to experience the joy of allowing your own radiant skin to be out there showing itself off.  With healthy skin, you’ll feel more confident, and if you wish, most of your "make-up" efforts can be directed toward dressing up that gorgeous skin with some blush, smoky eyes and luscious lips.

To that end, we offer a menu of skincare services wherein our aesthetician and I work together with you to bring your skin to its healthiest and most beautiful state.  Having accomplished that, we show you how to achieve a polished yet natural appearance with the Jane Iredale make-up line.  We’ll give you lots of tips and lessons on taking your look from day to evening in a flash.  No matter what your "type", from outdoor girl to runway glamorous, we’ll show you how to maximize it beautifully.

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Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon,
Sarasota, Florida

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