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jane-iredale-tantasia-sm1.  Use a self-tanner on your body.  Jane Iredale’s Tantasia gives you an immediate bronze with just a touch of glow, and once it dries it won’t come off on your clothes.  Its subtle shimmer is especially beautiful on legs and shoulders.  Also, it has a lovely grapefruit fragrance for a few minutes, and then it has no odor at all!  A great drugstore variety is Jergens Natural Glow.  Use this every day and you’ll build up a great tan.  Even if you’re fair, you can use the “Medium to Tan” tone to build up your color more efficiently.  A “haute” variety is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.  It will give you immediate color and needs to be applied only about twice a week for a consistent tan.  All three give totally believable color.

  2.   If you use foundation, keep it sheer.  Visible foundation looks dated and will accentuate any wrinkles or scars.  Use a light dusting of mineral powder, a tinted moisturizer or a tinted primer to warm your natural color.  One product we love is TiZO.  Branded as a broad-spectrum, SPF 40 sunscreen (made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, ergo the name), it has a tint that’s compatible with any skin color and it has that lovely primer quality of making the skin look soft-focused.

3.  Use a powder, crème or gel bronzer around the perimeter of your forehead and over your cheeks, nose and the tip of your chin.  In short, put the bronzer only where the sun would hit you if you were standing.  If you use bronzer all over your face, you run the risk of looking flat and muddy.  Again, keep things really sheer; you want the color without the look of spackle.

4.  Pinch yourself.  That’s the color your blush should be.  Place a pop of it right over the apples of the cheeks for a little flush of color.  This step will make the face look younger and sweeter.

5.  If you’re over 30, don’t try to “create cheekbones” by shadowing in hollows under the cheeks.  That will backfire and be aging.  What you can do to great effect is take a little shimmer powder or crème and place it on the top of the cheekbones, and even down the center of the forehead and nose.

If you’d like some help, give us a call at 941.951.2220 and set up an appointment for a skin evaluation and a make up lesson.  We want you to look like the very best version of yourself and we’re here to make it happen! 


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How to Make Your Face Look Instantly Younger With Contrast

Part 1: Cheeks and Brows

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In previous entries with this title, we covered attitude -- because your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner beauty.  Now here's something that can be dealt with in a minute and an issue I see with women on a consistent basis.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your face look healthier (and therefore younger) is with contrast.  A monochromatic face is much more likely to look tired than a face with contrasts of light and dark and contrasts of color.  Given that we all know that you never want to take any of this to extremes, contrast immediately provides a lift to the face, so here are a couple tips:

1. My newer patients often will come in having used an allover bronzer (we are, after all, in Florida down here) to give the face a bit of tan.  That's fine.  A little bronzer can warm up a face really nicely.  But if you're going to use it all over the face, you then need to give yourself a flush of color on the apples of the cheeks.  Better yet, you can put a touch of that color across the bridge of your nose and the tip of your chin to mimic the flush of a young person who's just come in from a good run.  Bronzer placed evenly over the face without a pop of color at the cheeks can look flat or even muddy.  Another thing you can try is simply using the bronzer where you would put a blusher and leaving the rest of the face its natural color.  Remember though, that subconsciously the observer will read a bit of pink at the cheeks as good blood circulation.  Good circulation indicates health and the look of health is appealing to an observer.  If you're going to make a choice between only bronzer or only blusher, almost always the blusher will give a healthier look than bronzer alone.

2.  As we age, our eyebrows tend to become thinner and lighter in color.  Since it's a gradual process, our eye adjusts to it so it looks normal to us, and sometimes we continue to pluck until there's not much left but a thin line.  One of the indicators of youth is a full brow with good color, again within reason.  Most of us (who are female) can't carry off a really heavy brow.  But a full healthy one looks so much younger -- and healthier -- than a skinny line.  Generally, brunettes and deep redheads require a brow color slightly lighter in value than their hair color.  Blondes and lighter redheads should go with a color that is slightly darker than their hair color.  A pale or disappearing brow is to your eyes like a house without a roof.  Brows frame the eyes and direct the observer's eyes to yours.  When you first change the brows, it may take you a little while to adjust to the new look, but almost inevitably a full healthy brow with good color contrast against the skin is going to make you look more attractive.

As always, you're welcome to call us for an evaluation at 941.951.2220.  Jill, our aesthetician (who looks like a fresh little meadow maid herself -- and amazingly young) can show you exactly what to do using our good-for-you and absolutely beautiful Jane Iredale cosmetics.  Stay tuned.  In the next blog we'll go over this topic as it applies to your eyes and then later we'll talk about your lips.

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