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Friday, 08 January 2016 19:01

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearWith the New Year almost always come new plans for our habits, our attitudes, our appearance or any number of different aspects of our lives. My practice of course, deals with improving the appearance of our faces, but often the conversation in the exam room turns to seemingly unrelated subjects.

I love to read and I love to help my patients in any way I can. This has eventuated in my writing down book names for people numerous times, mostly on the back of an appointment card. So to start 2016 I thought I’d share some of those titles with you in hopes that you’ll find the same delight and inspiration in those you choose as I did.

We’ll start with some well-researched and ultimately beautiful books that pull together the science that proves our connectedness. This is a particularly important subject this year as the upcoming elections are going to pull us into a quagmire of vitriol from both sides. After over 22 years and thousands of patients, I wish to remind us all that good people can come to different conclusions, and the more we appreciate our collective connectedness in the midst of our differences, ultimately the more peaceful our lives will be.

Three of my favorites are by an American journalist living in the U.K. She has interviewed scientists from all over the world and has pulled their information together in a well-referenced book called simply, The Field. After writing this excellent book, so many people wanted to know how to apply its discoveries to their own lives that she wrote a great follow-up, The Intention Experiment. Her third book, which specifically articulates the science behind our connectedness is called The Bond.

There is a fabulous author, Gregg Braden with whom many of my patients have been unfamiliar, but his books are amazing, fun to read and fascinating page-turners. He is a former aerospace computer systems designer who has been all over the world to gather as much information on “who we are” as he can. A quick Google search will give you a list of all his books, but my favorites are:

  • The Divine Matrix
  • The Spontaneous Healing of Belief
  • Deep Truth (cheesy title, but actually my favorite in content)
  • Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer (completely non-sectarian and a beautifully designed gift book)

Gregg Braden’s good friend, Bruce Lipton, PhD, is a molecular biologist who has written an inspiring and science-based book called The Biology of Belief.

I’m always glad to offer interesting sources on diet, exercise and health in general. But I wanted to start the year with nourishment from the inside. May every happiness be with you in this exciting coming year!

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