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Friday, 18 September 2015 13:45

The Most Important Part of Your Face

Dollarphotoclub 92874077There’s a little axiom among many of my colleagues who specialize in facial rejuvenation, and it goes like this:

What do women stress out about most when they look at themselves? Their necks.
What is everyone else looking at? Their eyes.

That’s true, but it’s only partially true. There’s plenty of research out there now that’s been facilitated by our friends the computers. Basically, researchers will throw up a photograph of a person from the shoulders up and show the photos to observers. With the computer, the researchers can track the eye movements of the observers to see what they’re looking at and where their eyes settle for the longest amount of time when shown the photos.

As it turns out, the area that people are looking at is in the shape of an inverted triangle that essentially has its base across the brows and has its tip at the center of the chin. The features that observers look at the most are the eyes and the lips.

This is not to say that our concerns about our necks aren’t important. Especially from the side, someone can look much more vital with a firm, smooth neck. Also, the healthiest reason to have rejuvenation procedures done is for our own sense of well-being. Moreover, our skin is what people notice first. That said, this research may help us to prioritize when we’re thinking about “having something done”.

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